It has come to my attention that an 800 telephone number was given as a telephone listing for Myoptics.
The 800 number then prompted you to call a 900 number.  I do not own or have ever owned that phone number. If you have incurred ANY charges by calling the 900 number please make an official complaint
to a New York State Agency.
Thank you for your understanding in this matter.

Myoptics is a registered trademark.

The only other optical store associated with the stores listed above are:

Myoptics located at 322 Washington Street, Hoboken NJ   201-420-0644

                                                                If you feel you have been manipulated or misinformed, feel free to email me at:

If you have purchased the  "MYOPTICS" eyeglass or sunglass brand from any location OTHER than the locations listed above, Please email me at:
For over 27 years, it has been and continues to be a pleasure, to serve you.
Sincerely, Frank

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